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Trouble Accessing CTP

Are you having trouble accessing the CTP?

If you cannot get to the Okta home screen


Once you are logged into Okta, look for the Planview Enterprise OneTM icon on your Okta home screen.

planview iconIf you are not seeing the Planview Enterprise OneTM icon in Okta

  • Contact your designated contact (see below) to confirm that your setup has been requested.

  • If your setup has been requested, the designated contact (from list below) should email the CTP administrator at: to report the issue.

If you see the Planview Enterprise OneTM icon in Okta, but get an error when you select it, forward the following info to your designated contact:

  • The email address used to log into Okta.
  • A full screen shot of the error.

Designated contacts

  • If you are an agency project manager:  Contact your project management division (PMD) consultant, who will contact the CTP administrator. Visit CAMs and Other VITA Contacts for updated contact list.
  • If you are a VITA project manager or other VITA resource: Contact Holly Dunbar ( or text at 804-398-8648.  
  • All other users, contact the CTP administrator via email at: to report the issue.

From CTP

If you are in CTP, but are not able to complete a task, see a screen, etc..

  • Email the following to the CTP administrators at:
    • Name, role, and phone number (if you are forwarding the info for someone else, please include their info).
    • If you are seeing an error message, include a full screen shot of window, including the error message.

If you are not able to access some information:

  • What information are you unable to access?
  • Have you been able to access this information before?
  • Have you recently changed job duties and/or agencies and cannot do tasks required in the new role?
  • If none of the above resolves your issue, email the details to the CTP administrators at: