Locality Mainframe Access

Guidance for Virginia commonwealth localities, non-executive agencies and departments to access the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Virginia Employment Commission (VEC), and Department of Social Services (DSS) on the VITA mainframe. 

Locality and Out -of -Scope Agency Mainframe Access Instructions (pdf)
Mainframe Services & Operations
Dec. 30, 2019

The following two forms are for locality and out-of-scope agencies to manage continuing mainframe access:

Network Access Form: This form is for localities and out-of-scope agencies to request COV network access through the firewall security team to connect to the mainframe.

Mainframe Access Coordinator (MAC): This form is for localities and out-of-scope agencies to submit new names or update their mainframe access coordinator (MAC) appointees.

Average fulfillment times being added to forms

Average fulfillment times are being added to all forms within the service catalog. Approximately 50% of the forms now have this information and the remainder will be complete by the middle of Feb. The addition of this information will help set customer expectations for how long it will take to receive a requested service. This fulfillment time will be reviewed and updated quarterly.

Disabled catalog items

    • Xerox and Iron Bow had a small number of items disabled in the catalog. Those are items that have reached an end-of-life status. If you have questions, please contact your business relationship manager (BRM).

Coming soon to the VITA service catalog

Following items will be added to the service catalog in the coming weeks:

  • Iron Bow order guide for docking stations: Use this new end-user order guide to aid in choosing the correct PC and identifying compatible peripherals.

Catalog Services Descriptions

The Service Catalog includes IT infrastructure, account request and management, security, and selected enterprise services, organized by service category. If you don't have direct access to the Service Catalog, you can view, print or download the full FY20 Catalog Services List for a short description of each service.

The current service categories are shown below. Each category will contain one or more VITA services. Brief category descriptions and additional information have been provided for each item.