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Chapter 11 - IT Procurement Planning and Strategic Sourcing

11.5 Market research

11.5.2 Methods of market research

The procurement project team may utilize any of (or a combination of) the following methods to conduct market research:

  • Acquire information about products, trends, product availability, business practices, product/service reliability and prices.
  • Perform a Porter's Five Forces Industry Analysis and/or a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis to identify opportunities.
  • Contact knowledgeable individuals in government and industry regarding market capabilities to meet requirements.
  • Review the results of recent market research undertaken to meet similar or identical requirements.
  • Conduct unbiased industry briefings or pre-solicitation discussions with potential suppliers to discuss requirements and obtain recommendations.
  • Analyze the purchase history of requirements to determine the level of competition, prices and performance results.
  • Research technical analysis publications.
  • Publish a formal RFI to survey the market on the complete and final requirements.
  • Research the status of applicable technology and the extent and success of its commercial application.

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