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Chapter 11 - IT Procurement Planning and Strategic Sourcing

11.4 IT Procurement planning roles and responsibilities

The agency’s sourcing specialist or assigned procurement lead is responsible for the preparation and delivery of the procurement plan to the procurement project team. As an example, the following responsibilities are delegated to the various roles listed below which ensure that duties are performed by the appropriate subject-matter experts and procurement team members. These roles vary for each project but are considered critical to the success of the procurement plan. For complex major IT procurements, the agency may require VITA PMD and other VITA technical experts be involved. The planning and sourcing process is intended to be collaborative as many steps are shared among team members. For a more in-depth discussion on these roles, go to Chapter 24 of this manual, Requests for Proposals. 

Procurement role 


Agency procurement lead/sourcing specialist 

  • Be knowledgeable about the scope of work and the technical and business objectives of the project. 
  • Determine if VITA has a statewide IT contract that satisfies the IT business need, thereby eliminating a new procurement process. 
  • Develop procurement plan methodology and framework. 
  • Define and assign roles and responsibilities for the duration of the procurement process to each team member. 
  • Act as single point of contact (SPOC) for the team; the evaluation team, if different group; steering committee, if applicable; suppliers and procurement process oversight. 
  • Coordinate and participate in assessing all potential project risks and including mitigation methods and RFP/contract language with appropriate stakeholders; i.e., business owner, project manager, information security officer, budget analyst. 
  • Participate with team in establishing well-defined evaluation criteria. 
  • Participate with team to develop a clear, concise scoring plan. 
  • Choose best contract type for project success. 
  • Obtain and maintain all confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements from team members, subject matter experts and evaluation team, if different group. 
  • Prepare RFP/solicitation and evaluation documents. VITA sourcing specialists must use VITA templates. 
  • Preside over the bidder/pre-proposal conference if held. 
  • Post solicitation documents and respond to supplier questions. 
  • Obtain clarification of supplier proposals if necessary. 
  • Along with team, participate in supplier product demonstrations and oral presentations, if held. 
  • Provide and maintain control of the price information from proposers. 
  • Participate in and lead proposal evaluations and contract negotiations. 
  • Serve as chairperson of evaluation team. 
  • Review and approve evaluation recommendation. 
  • Help tailor the contract to the unique needs of the project. 
  • Protect and manage the integrity of the project and the ability to get work done. 
  • Protect and manage the relationship with potential suppliers. 
  • Ensure the overall integrity of the procurement process through fair and open competition. 
  • Coordinate legal and/or CIO review and approval of procurement documentation required before release/execution. 
  • Award and post contract. 
  • Ensure the procurement file is complete. 

Business owner 

  • Define requirements. 
  • Define budget, requested timeline and other possible constraints. 
  • Ensure that the procurement aligns with the agency’s and Commonwealth’s IT strategic plan(s). 
  • Define conditions of performance satisfaction and final acceptance. 
  • Identify business needs such as: 
    • demonstrations 
    • bonding/acceptance testing 
    • service levels 
    • milestones/payment terms 
    • required supplier technical and professional standards and certifications (agency, VITA, Commonwealth, federal, etc.) 
  • Support negotiations to ensure that final contract supports business needs and agency requirements. 
  • Serve on evaluation team to evaluate the supplier responses. 
  • Coordinate VITA PMD participation and PGR approval process. 

Agency Information Security Officer or AITR 

  • Ensure solicitation includes all appropriate agency and VITA security policy requirements, including ECOS, if the procurement is or may be a cloud-based solution. 
  • Collaborate with the SPOC and VITA security and ECOS stakeholders. 

Subject matter expert (SME) 

  • Possess expert technical, industry-, commodity- or service-specific competence and/or knowledge for the project. 
  • May be a member of team or a resource to the team. 

External consultant 

  • External consultant technical, industry-, commodity- or service-specific competence and/or knowledge not available from an internal resource. 
  • Provide advice or assistance to sourcing team members. 
  • Function as a non-voting resource to the sourcing team. 
  • Prohibited from benefiting from outcome of any award or participating in preparation of solicitation. 

Evaluation team members 

  • Individuals designated/responsible to make award recommendation. 
  • The procurement project team/evaluation team would typically include an agency representative (business owner), SMEs and be led by the agency procurement lead/sourcing specialist. 
  • Each member participates to provide business, legal, technical and financial input according to their area of expertise. The members only evaluate their area of expertise as assigned. 

Single point of contact (SPOC) 

  • Agency procurement lead/sourcing specialist serves this role. (See role responsibilities above.) 
  • Is the designated resource for communications with suppliers and all others during the solicitation process? 

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