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eGov Hosting Request Process

How to engage a hosting supplier


  • Customer identifies need for eGOV hosting service

  • Customer contacts supplier(s)

  • Customer may contact VITA CAM or with any questions or issues

Network Governance


  • VITA Hosting Governance group reviews and provides approval for proposed hosting solution

  • Customer creates "R" coded eVA requisition to agreed supplier including statewide contract number and request form number


  • eVA requisition automatically goes to VITA Hosting Governance group for approval (pro-forma)

  • After approval, eVA requisition goes back to customer buyer and follows customer approval steps

  • Customer processes eVA purchase order to supplier

Engagement Phases and Process Steps

Request Customer Identify the need for eGov Services, including the components required from the eGov service and the timeline for project implementation.
Request Customer Contact suppliers and receive proposals. Select desired solution.
Request Customer Customer may contact eGOV service advisor with questions or for assistance.
Request Customer Download and complete the VITA Hosting Request form.
Request Customer Email the completed request form and supplier proposal to VITA will decision all request forms within 10 business days. 
Hosting Governance Service Lead Review the customer / supplier proposed solution.
Hosting Governance Service Lead If requested, assist customer in selection of supplier.
Hosting Governance Service Lead Ensure that VITA internal reviews are performed.
Approval Service Lead Communicate governance/solution review outcome to customer.
Approval Customer Create eVA requisition for hosting to identified supplier ("R" code the requisition, include the statewide contract number and the VITA Hosting Request form number on the requisition) 
Approval Service Lead eVA routes requisition to service lead; service lead approves requisition based on previous agreements.
Approval Customer eVA requisition is processed through customer approval steps
Implementation Customer Customer buyer places eVA purchase order and sends to identified supplier.
Implementation Supplier Hosting supplier fulfills the purchase order and bills the customer.
Implementation Customer Customer pays the supplier.