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Chapter 30 - High Risk IT Solicitations and Contracts

30.7 What to Expect from a VITA High Risk Review

30.7.3 Post-Review Consultation for High Risk IT Procurements

If your agency's high risk solicitation or contract contains outstanding comments from VITA Contract Risk Management, your agency will need to resubmit the document(s) with the comments addressed in order for approval for release or award to be recommended. VITA Contract Risk Management seeks to amend the current high risk solicitation or contract, as opposed to rejecting the high risk solicitation or contract outright.

The High Risk Contracting Consultant will serve as the liaison between your agency and VITA Contract Risk Management. The Consultant will contact your agency, walk through the outstanding comments, and explain how the solicitation or contract can be amended to satisfactorily meet the requirements in § 2.2-4303.01(B).

The post-review consultation process gives agencies the opportunity to revise the high risk solicitation or contract per the guidance of the high risk reviewers and the High Risk Consultant and resubmit their high risk solicitation or contract. Keep in mind, once the revised high risk solicitation or contract is submitted, VITA Contract Risk Management may take up to an additional thirty (30) business days to review the resubmitted document(s).

It is important to remain conscious of the length of time each high risk review may take when creating your procurement timeline., VITA Contract Risk Management always recommends that that suppliers agree to a proposal validity period of at least 180 days to account for both the VITA Contract Risk Management and OAG 30 business day high risk solicitation and contract review periods (and an ECOS review if the solution is a Cloud solution), in addition to the other necessary review processes.

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