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Chapter 30 - High Risk IT Solicitations and Contracts

30.7 What to Expect from a VITA High Risk Review

30.7.2 VITA Contract Risk Management’s Post-Review Response

After VITA Contract Risk Management's review of your agency's high risk solicitation or contract has been completed, you should expect to receive one of the following responses:

  • Approval for release/award: if all of the Code requirements are met, VITA Contract Risk Management will inform your agency that it is recommended that the high risk solicitation or contract is approved for release or award by the CIO, pending all other required approvals.

  • Resubmitted to the agency for corrections: if VITA Contract Risk Management cannot recommend the high risk solicitation or contract to the CIO due to conflicts with the Code requirements, the High Risk Contracting Consultant will reach out to your agency to discuss how the solicitation or contract can become compliant with § 2.2-4303.01(B).

VITA Contract Risk Management does not recommend approval for release or award until full compliance with § 2.2-4303.01(B) has been achieved. If there are outstanding comments from VITA Contract Risk Management that preclude SCM recommending the release/award of the high risk solicitation/contract to the CIO, your agency must resubmit the solicitation or contract to VITA Contract Risk Management with the comments addressed.

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