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Chapter 30 - High Risk IT Solicitations and Contracts

30.7 What to Expect from a VITA High Risk Review

30.7.4 OAG High Risk Review Process

While the OAG will also make suggestions in the form of redlines, they do not formally approve a high risk solicitation or contract for release or award. If changes are required, they will advise you to do so, then you must make the changes and resubmit the document for review to the OAG and to VITA Contract Risk Management. Once the high risk solicitation or contract has been re-submitted, both VITA Contract Risk Management and the OAG will have an additional 30 day review period to ensure that necessary changes have been made.

When the OAG is satisfied with their review, they will re-send the submitted high risk review request form stating that the proposed solicitation or contract has met the statutory requirements. When you receive the form indicating that the OAG review has been completed, it is important that you inform VITA Contract Risk Management by emailing the group directly at so that VITA Contract Risk Management ensures that all review requirements have been met.

See Appendix A for the OAG High Risk Submission form.

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