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Chapter 30 - High Risk IT Solicitations and Contracts

30.7 What to Expect from a VITA High Risk Review

30.7.1 High Risk Review Timeline

According to the statute, both VITA and the OAG have thirty (30) business days to review the high risk solicitation or contract. So, for example, if Agency X submits their high risk solicitation or contract to VITA and the OAG on September 1, the review will be completed no later than October 12.

VITA Contract Risk Management aims to review and return a submitted high risk solicitation or contract to the submitting agency well within the 30 day business day limit. However, the statute intentionally allows for 30 business days for review of high risk solicitations or contracts in order for VITA Contract Risk Management and the OAG to fulfill their responsibilities, outlined in § 2.2-4303.01(B).

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