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Chapter 30 - High Risk IT Solicitations and Contracts

30.6 Review by VITA Contract Risk Management

30.6.2 VITA Contract Risk Management Review Process

VITA Contract Risk Management will review the submitted high risk IT solicitation or contract. Remember, the CIO has to approve all procurements for release if they exceed $1 million. It's the same for contracts. Contract Risk Management is one of the groups that recommends approval to the CIO.

In order to assist agencies with this process, VITA has established the Contract Risk Management team, a group dedicated to reviewing high risk IT solicitations and contracts and consulting agencies before, during, and after the review process has been completed.

High risk contract analysts are trained to identify whether or not the terms and conditions of high risk IT solicitations and contracts are appropriate, comply with Virginia state law and policy, and that the high risk solicitations or contracts include strong performance metrics and enforcement provisions.

In order to determine if a high risk solicitation or contract complies with the requirements set out in § 2.2-4303.01(B), and can be recommended to the CIO for approval, VITA Contract Risk Management will review the submitted document(s) and provide feedback via redlines. All redlines indicating non-compliance with § 2.2-4303.01(B) and other applicable Virginia law and policy will mandate revisions on behalf of your agency.

Agencies must re-submit all high risk solicitations and contracts that were returned with redlines so that they can be re-reviewed by VITA Contract Risk Management.

VITA Contract Risk Management also has a trained High Risk Contracting Consultant who is a designated resource for agencies to contact for training on how to use VITA's IT contracting tools. The High Risk Contracting Consultant also serves in an advisory role after the high risk solicitation or contract review has been completed, walking your agency through the comments from VITA Contract Risk Management.

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