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Chapter 5 - Ethics in Public Procurement

5.2 Expectations of VITA's suppliers

VITA expects its IT suppliers to deal with public officials in a manner that upholds the expectations of the public and reassures their confidence in the public procurement process. To that end, VITA expects suppliers to:

  • Avoid all situations where propriety or financial interests, or the opportunity for financial gain, could lead to favored treatment for any organization or individual;
  • Avoid circumstances and conduct that might not constitute actual wrongdoing, or a conflict of interest, but might nevertheless create the appearance of impropriety, thus compromising the integrity of VITA and the Commonwealth;
  • Avoid offering or providing any interest, financial or otherwise, direct or indirect, in the business of the supplier or professional activity in which the supplier is involved with the officer or employee;
  • Avoid causing or influencing, or attempting to cause or influence any Commonwealth officer or employee in his or her official capacity in any manner which might tend to impair the objectivity or independence of judgment of that officer or employee;
  • Avoid offering any Commonwealth/VITA official or employee any gift, favor, service or other item of value under circumstances from which it might be reasonably inferred that such, gift, service or other item of value was given for the purpose of influencing the recipient in the discharge of his or her official duties;
  • Accept responsibility for representations made on behalf of their company by employees or agents;
  • Provide accurate and understandable pricing, schedules and terms and conditions;
  • Treat competitors and employees of the Commonwealth with respect and professionalism, refraining from making any disparaging comments or accusations;
  • Refrain from providing misleading information or unfavorable implications about a competitor's products or services.

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