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Chapter 12 - Statements of Work for IT Procurements

12.1 Defining the IT procurement's scope

The procurement’s scope will be defined from the results of the needs assessment/requirements definition/specifications development (refer to Chapter 8). A written scope statement is a preliminary step before developing the statement of work. It will be used in the solicitation document to set the boundaries of the procurement and will serve after contract award to restrain the agency and the supplier from allowing contract scope creep. Scope is often used to describe the high-level parameters of the IT acquisition; i.e., “a solution to provide data management and automatic routing for incoming requests over a public website,” or “a server to accommodate 50 locations of XYZ agency, or “100 scanners that will be distributed to multiple locations around the state.” 

A template for creating an IT project’s scope statement for projects under VITA’s oversight, delegation authority or those requiring CIO approval, is provided by Commonwealth Project Management and is available at this URL: Once this document is finalized, the statement of work is prepared. 

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