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Why did VITA develop a Project Manager Selection and Training Standard for the Commonwealth?

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is required by The Code of Virginia to establish qualification and training standards for information technology project managers. The CIO directed VITA to develop the standard. The CIO was delegated approval authority for Commonwealth of Virginia Standards. The CIO approved the original Project Manager Training and Selection Standard on September 24, 2003, and has approved multiple subsequent revisions.

How do I start a qualification record?

Request a password online by navigating to the Project Manager Qualification Record page, providing the required information and selecting register. You will be contacted with a username and password. Return to the same page and select view or edit your qualification record. Enter your username and password. Your qualification record will be presented in parts. Complete the blank boxes and save before you proceed. You should have information about your previous experience, training, and certifications available when you complete the form.

Is my qualification record secure?

The qualification record is password protected. Your supervisor and Project Management Consultant in VITA can review your qualification record. You are the only person who can change or add applicant data, experience, training and certification data.

How often should I update my qualification record?

When anything changes. VITA will update required training and test information. You should check these items and contact VITA Project Management Division if you believe there is an error. Additionally, the VITA Project Management Division will verify that your record has been reviewed/updated within the previous year of your being newly assigned to a commonwealth-level IT project.

I have a Project Manager Professional Certification from Project Management Institute; do I need to take the test?

Yes, if the first time you have attended the Commonwealth IT Project Manager Overview Training occurred after January 1, 2016. All attendees, whether or not they hold a PMP certification, are required to take the Level One exam (five quizzes.) 

Are any other Project Management Certifications accepted to replace testing?

Only the Project Management Institute PMP is accepted for exception of the Level Two exam. Our qualification test is closely aligned with PMI and the PMI certification test exceeds our requirements.

How does a supervisor verify experience, training, and certification?

Project management data can be verified based on personal knowledge, state employment application or other evidence presented by an individual or maintained by the agency human resources department.

Does my supervisor have to be involved in the testing process?

If you are an employee of the Commonwealth of Virginia your supervisor must be involved. Your supervisor or your supervisor's designated proctor is responsible for establishing an adequate testing environment and logging you into the test.

Can an agency establish a more tightly controlled testing environment?

Yes, if the agency has the resources and wishes to they may establish a more stringent test environment, but the test will remain open book for all testers.

Why doesn't VITA pay for all testing and training?

VITA pays for all testing and training of VITA assigned personnel. VITA provides free required project manager training to all Commonwealth of Virginia employees. Agencies receive a budget allocation for training of personnel based on the assignment of employees.

Does the standard recognize delegated procurement authority?

The standard recognizes but does not consider procurement authority to be the same as standards established for effective management. The standards are to be implemented by the appropriate management and procurement authority. For example, the CIO and the VITA Project Management Division do not routinely review or approve projects with a value below $250,000. Individual agencies will approve projects with a value below $250,000. It will be up to the agency to implement the selection standard established. 

Why does my supervisor verify my experience, training, and certification?

In most programs of this type candidates are required to submit evidence that they have had the experience and training that they claim to have attained. Rather than copy or send the information to VITA, we ask supervisors to review candidates under their supervision and verify the candidate's information.

What happens to the information in my record if my supervisor doesn't verify the information?

Nothing happens to the information unless the individual candidate decides to change or delete the data. The information is accepted on face value but is considered unverified. Unverified experience, training and certifications may be a consideration when supervisors qualify project manager to manage specific projects.

Do I have to take both qualification tests at the same time?

We do not recommend taking both tests on the same day. Exam Level One must be successfully completed before taking exam Level Two. You can take them in any order you like and on a schedule established between you, the testing organization, and your supervisor.