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Enterprise Cloud Oversight Services (ECOS) FAQs

Review the ECOS assessment process questions below.


Top 10 questions related to the ECOS assessment process

Does “application name” require ECOS?

Yes, If it is storing, processing or transmitting COV data. Also, if the data is “sensitive” for integrity or availability.  Each use case is different and you may need to submit your use case for evaluation

Review the ECOS applicability guidelines knowledge base article (KBA) on the VITA Service Portal.

How do I know if an application has already been through the ECOS process?

You can find the ECOS Approved list by visiting our Approved Application List and ECOS Metrics page.

Where do I get the assessment form?

Who should complete the assessment form?

The Vendor/Supplier is to complete the form.

The Vendor/Supplier should provide the requested supporting documentation (this helps expedite the process).

If an application is already approved, what do I do next?

If you would like to procure the application, you will need to send an email to the Enterprise Services mailbox and request a copy of the Approval email.

  • Once you receive the email, you must file the applicable security exceptions and submit a request for Oversight, which will start the process for the completion of the Cloud Terms and Conditions.

Do I have to submit for oversight if the application has already been approved?

Yes. Each Agency must complete the required security exceptions and cloud terms and conditions prior to purchasing.

How do I submit a request for oversight?

Instructions on how to submit a request for oversight knowledge base article (KBA) can be found on the VITA Service Portal.

How do I submit a security exception?

Security exceptions need to be sent to

How long does the process usually take?

The process is dependent on the Vendor providing expedient responses to the request and the required documentation.

  • The assessment process usually takes between 25 to 50 days to complete.

Please note: If the required documentation is provided at the time of submission, the process goes more quickly.

The supplier will not complete the form without signing an NDA, what do I do?

VITA has a pre-approved NDA completed for ECOS assessments for the vendors/suppliers.