Supply Chain Management
11751 Meadowville Lane
Chester, VA 23836

Phone: 804-416-6317



SCM Staff Contact Information

Supply Chain Management Administration
Phil Pippert  Director 804-416-6169
Mary Jones  SCM Project & Reporting Coordinator 804-416-6155
IT Contingent Labor
Sonia Hicks  Category Manager 804-416-6177
Supplier Management 
Mike Novak  Category Manager 804-416-6168
Jimmy Mackenzie  Senior Supplier Manager 804-416-6247
Greg Scearce  Senior Supplier Manager 804-416-6166
Brooke Stull Senior Supplier Manager 804-416-7253
Contracts and Governance
Kelley Hellams  Manager 804-432-6760
Sonja Headley  Senior Contract Analyst (Cloud Compliance Lead) 804-416-6079
Ethan Mundy  Senior Contract Analyst 804-416-5184
Andrea Young  Contract Analyst 804-416-7873
Infrastructure Contract Management
George Vrtiak  Contract Manager 804-416-5185
Francine Barnes  Contract Manager 804-416-6186
Strategic Sourcing
Doug Crenshaw  Strategic Sourcing Manager 804-416-6160
JB Edmonds  Telco Specialist 804-416-6159
Bridgette King  Strategic Sourcing Consultant 804-416-6190
Doug Leslie  Strategic Sourcing Consultant 804-416-6161
Dana Parent Strategic Sourcing Consultant  804-416-5197
Adam Phillips Strategic Sourcing Consultant 804-416-6056
John Tackley  Strategic Sourcing Consultant 804-346-7259 
Shabeen Vijayan  Strategic Sourcing Consultant 804-416-6229
Randy Willett Strategic Sourcing Consultant 804-416-6180
Jeanne Mertens Strategic Sourcing Analyst 804-416-6042
Supply Chain Services and Operations
Charles Townes  Manager 804-416-6088
Ute Grzanna  SCM Analyst 804-416-6212
Carmen Holmes  Procurement and Contract Lead 804-416-6082
Monica Johnson  Contract/Procurement Officer 804-416-6080
Joyce Whalen Contract Administrator 804-416-6081
Trudy Ellis SCM Analyst (contractor) 804-416-5175