TEBS Update October 4, 2018

The TEBS application has been live for about one year. VITA has been actively working with the vendor and our customers to improve TEBS navigation and deliverables. The implementation of TEBS has been a significant work effort. Thank you for your patience!

Provided below is information that may be helpful.


New Orders

To place an order for a telecommunications product and/or service, please contact your agency's telecommunications coordinator.

Multiple Products Order

When placing orders for multiple lines, circuits, devices, etc., please submit no more than five lines per order. Current system constraints restrict orders to this requirement. Future enhancements are being considered to alleviate this restriction. We apologize for any inconvenience caused, however, this will enable us to promptly process orders and ensure that they are confirmed for VITA billing purposes. Please contact Linda Brown at 804-965-4649 if assistance is needed.

Steps to enter "for user" information on the Simple Work Order screen in TEBS

To enter "for user" information in TEBS, use the following steps and tips:

  • Select the four digit agency code and the three digit activity code for the "for user." Please note, this will always be a seven digit number (ex. 0403000). If only the agency code is provided, the line will bill at the bill payer level (level five) instead of the agency code level (level six).

  • Always select the activity code in addition to the agency code when doing "for user." If your agency does not have an actual activity code, enter 000. Doing so ensures the extension will bill at the correct level and charges will be included on the customer's bill payer detail report. Only charges billing at level six appear on this report. Charges billed at level five do not appear on the bill payer detail report, causing a discrepancy between the invoice amount and the bill payer detail report.

For questions, please contact billing@vita.virginia.gov. To ensure prompt response and resolution of questions, do not send inquiries to vitacomms@vita.virginia.gov – contact the billing office directly.

TEBS Vocabulary

Simple Work Order - For User


To retrieve the bill payer report and bill payer detail report in TEBS:

  1. Log into the TEBS system
  2. Click on Reports > Report Outputs > Cost Center Reports > Magnifying glass icon
  3. Enter the four-digit agency number in the cost center box
  4. Select search

The links to the bill payer report (invoice summary) and the bill payer detail report will be displayed.

If you have questions about past due balances, please contact general accounting at (804) 416-6093. If you have other billing questions, please contact the billing office at billing@vita.virginia.gov


If you are having difficulty accessing TEBS, follow these steps:

If a user does not have access to TEBS, send the access request to TEBSMail@vita.virginia.gov. Please use the "Contact Us" section at the bottom of this page for a list of email accounts designed to handle certain and specific questions and requests. Do NOT send questions or requests to the VITACOMMS mailbox.


TEBS Training

The following training courses are designed to get users familiar with the TEBS layout and functions. Each course consists of a video and a hands-on walk-through, and should take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Customer Invoice

TEBS Navigation

Simple Work Order


TEBS Processes

The workflow diagrams for the Ordering, Rebilling and Reconciliation processes clarify how the business processes work in TEBS.


Telco Services

Telecommunications services provided by VITA to its 800 customers within the Commonwealth of Virginia include:

  • Sourcing (procurement and management of state-wide telecommunications contracts)

  • Ordering and provisioning (service catalog management)

  • Asset inventory and asset management

  • Usage management (validation and optimization)

  • Vendor invoice management (carrier invoice receipt and reconciliation, VITA-carrier dispute resolution, accounts payable and VITA cost allocations)

  • Customer support

  • Consolidated rebilling to customers (accounts receivable, customer billing and customer- VITA dispute resolution)

  • Reporting

VITA, in its role as a reseller of wire-line and wireless services, provides customer value through:

  • A wide array of services and products

  • Negotiating statewide contracts resulting in the lowest possible rates and eliminating the need for time-consuming procurement activities

  • Vendor management regarding customer order fulfillment

  • Reconciliation and correction of carrier charges on the customer's behalf

  • A consolidated telecommunications invoice for charges from all carriers



Standard Reports: Telesoft v.10 (video)

Customized Reports: Telesoft v.10 (video)


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