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Chapter 8 - Describing the Need - Specifications and Requirements

8.9 Building IT requirements

8.9.3 Technical requirements

Technical requirements for an IT product or solution must include complete descriptions of the technical needs of the software or solution that will meet the agency’s business and technical needs and VITA’s technical standards. The agency’s IT business owner and the project’s technical SMEs will be responsible for defining and documenting the project’s technical requirements. VITA’s Project Management Division located at this link: can assist with this process. Technical requirements include items such as:

  •  Hardware
  • Architecture
  • Software
  • Platforms
  • Materials
  • Space requirements
  • Maintainability, Reliability, Confidentiality
  • (Required only for IFBs and Competitive Sealed Bidding) Energy and Water Efficiency Requirements that meet the standards set forth in § 2.2-4328.1 of the Code of Virginia
  • Materials
  • Interfaces
  • Program libraries
  • Capacity limitations (scaling requirements)
  • Operating systems
  • Connectivity
  • Capacity
  • Construction
  • Brand standards

When conducting an IT Invitation for Bid (IFB) or Competitive Sealed Bidding, an agency must include criteria to determine whether bidders are Energy Star certified, meet FEMP-designated efficiency requirements, appear on FEMP's Low Standby Power Product List, or are WaterSense certified. If an agency receives two or more bids in response to the IFB from bidders that meet the energy- or water -efficient standards established in § 2.2-4328.1, the agency may only select among those bids.

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