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Chapter 30 - High Risk IT Solicitations and Contracts

30.4 Additional Resources

30.4.4 Use of VITA's IT Procurement Tools

VITA has a number of tools available for agencies to use when conducting an IT procurement to ensure that the procurement remains in compliance with high-risk requirements, applicable Virginia law, and VITA’s policies, standards, and guidelines.

Our minimum requirements matrix has been revised to include requirements for high-risk IT procurement. The matrix contains the contractual language and requirements for IT procurement VITA will be looking for when conducting a high-risk review of a particular solicitation or contract. The revised matrix can be found here:

In order to accurately judge the appropriateness and legality of the high-risk solicitation or contract’s terms and conditions, it is important for your agency to use VITA SCM’s most current solicitation and contract templates. VITA SCM’s RFP, contract and evaluation templates are all designed to result in the strongest IT contract possible. When you are preparing to conduct a high-risk procurement, contact and you will be provided with the appropriate solicitation or contract templates, as well as any necessary training on how to properly modify VITA SCM’s templates.

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