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Chapter 25 - IT Contract Formation

25.8 VITA recommendations for a successful IT contract

25.8.14 Assignment of IT contracts

Agencies will want broad rights to assign the contract (or license) in their IT contracts. This allows them to transfer technology resources to other agencies or even to outside contractors who are providing them with services. Suppliers often want to prohibit such assignments to encourage sales or to prevent technology from falling into the hands of competitors. IT contracts should allow agencies to assign agreements to other agencies and to those contractors providing them with services, provided that the contractor may only use the technology to provide services to the agency, not to its other customers. It is best to have this right without requiring the advance agreement of the supplier. Most assignments should provide that the Commonwealth or agency has the right to assign the contract or license upon giving notice to the supplier. Although it can create extra work for managing suppliers, it is not uncommon to have a contract provision requiring a customer to notify a supplier of an assignment, even if the supplier's consent is not required.

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