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Chapter 19 - Public, Online and Reverse Auctions

19.0 Introduction

The policies and guidelines in this chapter are applicable to procuring information technology (IT) goods and services utilizing public, online and reverse auctions. Agencies may purchase IT goods from public auctions and online public auctions upon a determination made in advance by the agency and set forth in writing that the purchase of IT goods from a public auction sale is in the best interest of the public. (Refer to §2.2-4303 (H) of the Code of Virginia.)Section §2.2-4303 (I) of the Code of Virginia states: "The purchase of goods or nonprofessional services, but not construction or professional services, may be made by reverse auctioning. However, bulk purchases of commodities used in road and highway construction and maintenance, and aggregates shall not be made by reverse auctioning."

The purchase of IT goods and nonprofessional services from a public auction or reverse auction sale shall be permitted by any authority, department, agency or non-exempt institution of higher education if approved in advance by the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the Commonwealth.

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