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Chapter 17 - Emergency IT Procurements

17.3 Documentation for the emergency IT procurement file

The procurement file should include the following documentation:

  • Copy of the Emergency Procurement Notification Form located in Appendix A of this chapter, with Agency Head or designee signature.
  • Supporting documentation for:
    • the basis for the emergency
    • steps taken to ensure as much competition as practicable was taken
    • an explanation of why a particular supplier was selected
  • Written quote from the selected supplier.
  • Purchase order and/or executed contract.
  • Copy of the posted eVA notice stating that the contract is being awarded on an emergency basis, identifying that which is being procured, the contractor selected and the date of contract award.

The form and copies of all documentation supporting the emergency procurement award for IT goods and services should be forwarded to VITA at within five days of the contract award.

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