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Chapter 16 - Sole Source IT Procurements

16.3 How to conduct sole source procurements

The Virginia Public Procurement Act, § 2.2-4303(E), requires the following steps in conducting sole source procurements:

  • Prepare a written determination that there is only one source practicably available. Appendix A, Sole Source Procurement Approval Request Form, fulfills this requirement.
  • Conduct determination of Price Reasonableness.
  • Issue a written award notice that states:
    • only one source is practicably available
    • what is to be procured
    • name of selected supplier
    • date the contract was or will be awarded
  • Post the award notice on eVA. The notice may also be published in a newspaper of general circulation on the day the public body awards the contract. Posting on eVA is required by all state public bodies. Local public bodies are encouraged to utilize eVA.

Sole source IT procurements that include a renewal provision, for which approval for multi- years was originally obtained, do not need to be re-approved until expiration of that renewal term.

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