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Chapter 16 - Sole Source IT Procurements

16.2 Sole source procurement process requirements

Below is a table of process requirements for sole source procurements of varying budget levels:

Sole source procurement Condition Process
Any amount Off-premise (cloud hosted) solution Enterprise Cloud Oversight Services (ECOS) process. Regardless of the amount, if the Sole Source Procurement involves an off-premise (cloud hosted) solution, agencies must follow the ECOS Process and . A Security Assessment of the cloud service will need to be completed by the supplier and approved by ECOS, via a work request 1-003, and special Cloud Services Terms & Conditions must be included in the contract prior to award.
Under $10,000 Not applicable Not applicable
$10,000 to $250,000 Must be a Non-Infrastructure Related Procurement Agency/Institution

Must be approved in advance by the agency head or designee.

Complete a Sole Source Procurement Approval Request Form (see Appendix A), signed by the agency head or designee.

$250,000 or more Any agency IT project that (has a total estimated cost of $1 million or more has been designated a major information technology project by the Chief Information Officer (CIO). (See § 2.2-2006 of the Code of Virginia.)

Complete the Sole Source form and attach to your Procurement Governance Request (PGR). For more See here:

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) must approve the sole source procurement prior to the commencement of the actual procurement.


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