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Chapter 13 - The IT Procurement Project Team

13.2 Defining roles and responsibilities

The recommended size of a PPT is three to five members; however, some projects may require additional members due to the nature or complexity of the procurement. Coordination and management of the evaluation phase of the procurement process becomes more difficult as the size of the team increases. To avoid potential individual bias, the evaluation team should not have less than three members. There will be instances where the evaluation team is comprised of a different group of individuals than the PPT, due to the need for temporary, non-voting subject matter experts or consultants, or due to non- participation by a PPT member(s).

After the PPT is in place, the business owner and procurement lead/sourcing specialist will discuss the goals and business needs of the project with the team. The procurement lead/sourcing specialist describes the sourcing process and the roles and responsibilities of the PPT and/or evaluation team members. Please refer to Chapter 11 - IT Procurement Planning and Strategic Sourcing, IT Procurement Planning and Strategic Sourcing, which provides a detailed table defining the roles and responsibilities of each member of the PPT.

The procurement lead/sourcing specialist assigned as the procurement's single point of contact (SPOC), the business owner and the technical subject matter experts (SMEs) will work together to create evaluation criteria based on the Commonwealth's or agency's business needs. The evaluation criterion allows the PPT to collect the necessary data to evaluate the suppliers' proposals. For example, evaluation criteria might include factors such as total cost of ownership, quality of goods or service, performance history of suppliers, risk assessment, availability and level of technical support. For more in-depth discussion of this, refer to Chapter 24 - Requests for Proposals and Competitive Negotiations of this manual, Requests for Proposals. PPT/evaluation members are requested to complete and submit the survey in Appendix B at the close of each procurement where an evaluation was conducted. The SPOC should provide members with the survey form and submission details. VITA SCM is collecting and sharing lessons learned. Commonwealth IT procurement professionals and project managers may contact if interested in obtaining and/or sharing evaluation team lessons learned.

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