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COV ITRM Glossary




(Context: General)

A backup facility provided by several companies. For example:

1) A function of Tivoli Storage Management (TSM) that backs up the entire TSM database to media that can be taken off-site. The database snapshot does not interrupt any database backup series and cannot have incremental database backups associated with it. (

2) SNAZ InstaView™ is an optional Snapshot Software available with SNAZ SVA. SNAZ InstaView provides point-in-time volume imaging and presents a virtually unlimited number of views of the data. Each view can be individually allocated, on a read only or read/write basis, to any server. Data replication and data rollback are also offered as part of SNAZ InstaView functionality. Key benefits of SVA InstaView include:

  • Backup and operations can be completed in the background while volumes remain on-line
  • Multiple views can be created and accessed simultaneously without copying data.

There is no need to replicate data for each view, saving significant amount of storage and improving performance

  • Ability to maintain several versions of data
  • Ability to run several applications in parallel, using the same data
  • Ability to create a view of the data at any specific time for later use (
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