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COV ITRM Glossary


Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)


(Context: Enterprise Architecture, General)

General:  The Internet standard protocol, defined in STD 15, RFC 1157, developed to manage nodes on an IP network. It is a simple and expandable protocol designed to give the capability to remotely manage a computer network by polling, setting terminal values, and monitoring network events. It is comprised of three elements, an MIB, a manager, and the agents. The manager is located on the host computer on the network. Its role is to poll the agents and request information concerning the networks status. Agents run off each network node and collect network and terminal information as specified in the MIB.

Enterprise Architecture:  Exposes network data in the form of variables on the managed systems organized in a management information base (MIB), which describe the system status and configuration. These variables can then be remotely queried by managing applications.


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