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COV ITRM Glossary


Private Cloud


The cloud infrastructure is provisioned for exclusive use by a single organization comprising multiple consumers (e.g., business units). It may be owned, managed, and operated by the organization, a third party, or some combination of them, and it may exist on or off- premises. Private cloud options include:

  • Self-hosted Private Cloud - a Self-hosted Private Cloud provides the benefit of architectural and operational control, utilizes the existing investment in people and equipment, and provides a dedicated on-premises environment that is internally designed, hosted, and managed.
  • Hosted Private Cloud - a Hosted Private Cloud is a dedicated environment that is internally designed, externally hosted, and externally managed. It blends the benefits of controlling the service and architectural design with the benefits of data center outsourcing.
  • Private Cloud Appliance - a Private Cloud Appliance is a dedicated environment procured from a supplier that is designed by that supplier with provider/market driven features and architectural control, is internally hosted, and externally or internally managed. It blends the benefits of using predefined functional architecture and lower deployment risk with the benefits of internal security and control.


Microsoft Cloud Services Foundation Reference Model (CSFRM)

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