Enterprise architecture (EA) reviews occur as part of a multiple governance process that includes:

  • policies, standards, and guidelines (PSG)
  • IT strategic plans and amendments
  • project initiations
  • requests for proposal (RFP)
  • invitations for bid (IFB)
  • contracts

VITA Rules:

VITA EA reviews:

  • address system qualities
  • address crosscutting (enterprise) concerns
  • provide a system skeleton
  • facilitate design changes before implementation when they are easier to alter
  • address risks the system faces
  • constrain and define the environment

Figure 1: EA review model (click here to enlarge picture)

EA review objectives:

  • ensure new IT investments comply with ITRM requirements and technology standards
  • support a robust and capable enterprise
  • provide a value-add service to agencies by enabling achievement of the best balance between IT efficiency and innovation, which then allows agencies to transform their enterprises in a controlled manner to meet commonwealth goals and objectives
  • support compliance with security standards

EA's approach to a review:

  • review the architecture request package submitted
  • ask any amplifying questions
  • agency answers those supplemental questions
  • Review the answers
    • provide applicable input where needed
    • ask additional questions as required
    • complete review

Figure 2: 2017 EA review process (click here to enlarge picture)


Enterprise Architecture (EA) View on VITA Architecture Reviews (VARs) - 2018

VITA Architecture Reviews from an EA Perspective




For more information, please contact the VITA EA team at: ea@vita.virginia.gov.