Agency exception requests:

Agencies requiring deviation from the enterprise architecture (EA) EA225 requirements and/or technology standards, may request an exception using the EA Change/Exception Request Form.

All exceptions require approval prior to an agency pursuing procurements, deployments, or development activities related to technologies that are not compliant with the EA225 standard.

Emerging technology exceptions:

Emerging technology requires additional evaluation in government and university settings. Any use, deployment, or procurement of emerging technology beyond higher education research environments requires an approved EA Change/Exception Request Form.

Transitional / contained technology exceptions:

This technology is not consistent with the commonwealth's EA strategic direction. Agencies may use this technology only as a transitional strategy for moving to a strategic technology. Agencies currently using transitional and/or contained technology should migrate to a strategic technology as soon as practical. A migration or replacement plan should be included as part of the agency's IT strategic plan.

New deployments or procurements of this technology require an approved EA Change/Exception Request Form.
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