Welcome to enterprise architecture (EA). EA is a strategic asset used to manage and align the commonwealth's business processes and information technology (IT) infrastructure/solutions with the state's overall strategy. EA is also a comprehensive framework and repository, which defines:

  • Models that specify the current (as is) and target (to be) architecture environments
  • Information necessary to perform the commonwealth's mission
  • Technologies necessary to perform that mission
  • Processes necessary for implementing new technologies in response to the commonwealth's changing business needs

EA is part of an overall comprehensive Commonwealth of Virginia (COV) IT resource management (ITRM) program as shown in Figure 1 below.

Commonwealth of Virginia Information Technology Resource Management (ITRM)
Document Map for Policies, Standards, Guidelines & Supporting Documents

Security Enterprise Architecture (EA) Information Technology Investment Management (ITIM) Project Management (CPM)
Figure 1: ITRM Categories


EA is a cyclical planning process beginning with the highest priority components to ensure these components remain up-to-date. VITA EA contains four components as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: COV EA Model

Because of this cyclical renewal process, EA is always evolving to meet changing requirements.

Commonwealth of Virginia EA Processes
Figure 3: COV EA Processes


This VITA EA webpage is comprised of several sections and links as follows:

EA components

  • High level EA component architectures:
    • Enterprise business architecture (EBA)
    • Enterprise information architecture (EIA)
    • Enterprise solutions architecture (ESA)
    • Enterprise technical architecture (ETA)

EA library

  • Provides detailed information relative to EA, including PSGs, source documents, checklists, reports, links, etc.

EA change exception requests

  • Request a change or exception to an EA Standard

EA review process

  • Provide relevance to agencies by ensuring solutions comply with standards as early as possible within the overall commonwealth IT strategic planning process

For more information, please contact the VITA EA team at: ea@vita.virginia.gov.