Security Overview

It is imperative that the Commonwealth of Virginia protect citizen data and provide a safe, secure technology environment that enables state agencies to accomplish their respective missions. VITA's Commonwealth Security & Risk Management (CSRM) Directorate is tasked with fulfilling this mission and in doing so, offers significant benefits to agencies of the commonwealth. The results citizens are afforded are as follows:

  • Confidence in the integrity of the data and the systems processes
  • Assistance in compliance with laws and regulation involving confidentiality
  • A secure environment in which to perform business activities of the commonwealth
  • Identification and protection of key business functions and services in the event of disaster
  • Monitoring for intrusions and Network "attacks" on commonwealth systems

In order to accomplish its mission, the Commonwealth Security & Risk Management Directorate develops and manages an ever changing portfolio of tools and processes designed to secure commonwealth data and systems. Some of the more notable tools and processes are listed below.

  • Development and maintenance of Standards, Policies and Procedures 
  • Secure Infrastructure & Technical Support
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection & Business Continuity
  • Risk Management
  • Information Security Training and Awareness
  • Incident Management


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