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Milestone: SD-WAN rolled out across 1,000 sites in Virginia

Date Posted: Wednesday, April 10, 2024

SD-WAN rolled out to 1000 sites in VA

Milestone: SD-WAN rolled out across 1,000 sites in Virginia, completing substantial network and application modernization

Pressing forward on one of Virginia’s top information technology (IT) modernization priorities —improvement of network performance and the expansion of capacity – the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) and voice and data network (VDN) service provider Verizon successfully implemented managed software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) to approximately 1,000 sites across the Commonwealth of Virginia (COV). This accomplishment is a result of the partnership between VITA and the VDN supplier, enabling innovative digital government through enhanced network performance.

“As one of the governor’s Day One priorities, we recognized that we had to transform our network to ensure that agencies have the connectivity they need to digitize and modernize,” said CIO Bob Osmond, “our core infrastructure services that provide messaging, data centers, end-user devices, cybersecurity and network are all being aggressively improved for the benefit of Virginia's executive branch agencies and our Virginia residents and constituents."

Managed SD-WAN provides several benefits to the COV, including:

  1. Enhanced network performance: SD-WAN improves network performance, allowing government agencies to operate more efficiently and securely.
  2. Expanded capacity: With nearly 1,000 agency locations now equipped with managed SD-WAN, the Commonwealth has significantly expanded its network capacity, enabling seamless communication and collaboration across various government entities.
  3. Application-driven network: SD-WAN enables an application-driven network, ensuring that critical government applications receive the necessary resources and priority, optimizing overall performance.
  4. Agile and secure hybrid network: The solution provides an agile and secure hybrid network, combining the benefits of both public and private networks. This allows government agencies to leverage the power of cloud services while maintaining the highest level of security.

Read more in the press release here: Verizon powers digital government for the Commonwealth of Virginia | News Release | Verizon

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