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Archived Page: 2021 Network News

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August 2021
Volume 20, Number 8

From the CIO

CIO Nelson Moe
CIO Nelson Moe
I recently received some much-anticipated and great news - the Department of the Treasury was able to renew the Commonwealth’s cyber insurance coverage for the executive branch agencies this year despite the considerable hardening of the cyber market. Insurance companies have been increasing rates, in some cases upwards of 400%, cutting coverage amounts and not writing as many policies. The Commonwealth, however, has proven to have a strong, effective cybersecurity program with an excellent track record.
Cyber insurance is a specialty insurance product intended to protect us by providing services for organizations from risks relating to IT infrastructure, privacy, governance liability and related activities. Risks of this nature are typically excluded from traditional policies or at least are not specifically defined.
The ability for the Commonwealth to maintain the broad cyber insurance contract was the direct result of VITA's preparedness to meet and exceed the insurance underwriters' security requirements. Virginia’s centralized IT services program across our executive branch agencies is a standout among its peers. I’m grateful to Mike Watson, Jonathan Smith, Kathryn Merhout, Mark Mertens and Sharon Richardson for their tireless efforts in keeping our systems protected and safe from cyber threats.
The fact that VITA oversees cybersecurity for a large number of agencies was a differentiator, and the many years of cybersecurity leadership and investment did not go unrecognized during the review. We teamed up with Treasury to respond to the underwriters by submitting data and following up to every question and request for additional information. This was no small task and we are thankful for the leadership at Treasury in guiding the process.


Contract award for IT contingent labor managed services provider

VITA has awarded a contract through a competitive procurement process for a managed services provider (MSP) for the state’s IT contingent labor (ITCL) program. The contract was awarded to Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI).

CAI is the state’s current MSP and has been providing management services to support recruiting and full life cycle management activities for the IT staffing and consulting needs of the Commonwealth for many years. 

Although CAI is the current provider, there will still be activities required to transition to the new contract. These activities will be occurring during the second half of 2021 with a target “go-live” date of Jan. 1, 2022, for the new contract. Additional information about the transition timeline and activities will be provided as soon as implementation plans are finalized.

Learn more about the ITCL program

COVITS registration is open!

The 2021 Commonwealth of Virginia Innovative Technology Symposium (COVITS), will be held virtually again this year on Wednesday, Sept. 8.

COVITS offers a unique opportunity to explore a variety of technology topics and possibilities. Registration is free and is open to all. Join for a day of powerful sessions that provide inspiration, participation, education and thought-provocation!

View the keynote speakers, agenda and register (for free) online here.

IT strategic planning

VITA is encouraging any agencies that have not yet done so to submit IT strategic plans. While the plan is a Virginia Code requirement, it is much more than just that: a well thought-out IT strategic plan provides a game plan for agencies to manage to, and it alerts VITA as to what is coming so we can plan ahead to meet demand. The strategic plan adds value to the agency by providing the opportunity for the agency to sit down and organize and prioritize their work portfolios while determining funding needs. A good ITSP can serve as a communications device with legislators, other agencies, citizens, etc.

If agencies need assistance or have questions, please reach out to your agency customer account manager or email the VITA IT investment management division.

Hot List

Agencies, need to know what’s burning up your bandwidth? Check the “hot list” to find out!

This list contains wide area and local area network circuits that are at risk of becoming overutilized and could impact network performance. Agencies can review this list as a good starting point for managing usage. Contact your business relationship manager for details.

Did you know?

Manage your notifications from the VITA service portal

  • You can manage which notifications you get and how they are delivered: email, SMS/text or even voice.
  • Click the gear icon in the upper right corner, to the right of your name.
  • Under System Settings, choose Notifications. You can turn ALL notifications on or off with the slide bar "Allow notifications."
  • Scroll down and you can specify precisely which notification types you get and how they are delivered. For example, in the category of “Approval” there are 11 notification types. You can customize each one, including turning off notifications for the items that you don’t need.

Want a text message for popular items? Click Create Channel and add your 10-digit mobile number (just number - no formatting). Specify which notifications should be sent to your phone, email, or both.

Information Security Tips             

The July edition of Information Security Tips focuses on the cyber hot topic of ransomware. Ransomware is one of those cyber attacks that are on the rise and is normally delivered through a phishing message. In response to the pandemic, many end-users are now working from home instead of commuting to their business locations. Homes are being used as business offices, and computers and networks are being shared by family members. Families are taking classes, doing homework, and surfing the web in addition to performing business functions. The data created may be stored locally or in the cloud. Backups may not happen until the device is returned to the office or the end-user manually backs it up. This new environment is ripe for cyber attacks.

Learn more about this topic and stay cyber safe!

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