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What is Supply Chain Management?

VITA's Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the Commonwealth of Virginia's Information Technology (IT) procurement and sourcing hub. If we were to overly simplify our mission, we would say we strive to consolidate and leverage the Commonwealth's buying power. And, if provided for in the solicitation or contract, all public bodies can utilize statewide contracts developed by VITA.    

SCM's procurement professionals are committed to developing value-driven IT contracts that enable users of these contracts to benefit their organizations and the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Our services include:

  • Consolidating and leveraging the Commonwealth's buying power;
  • Announcing, awarding, and maintaining statewide contracts for the purchase of information technology and telecommunications goods and services;
  • Providing sourcing expertise and contracting assistance for state agencies and institutions procuring IT and telecommunications goods and services; and
  • Providing market analysis, supplier analysis and sourcing consulting for state agencies and institutions;
  • Inviting, promoting, and sustaining increased access, participation, and partnerships with small, minority- and women-owned businesses.

Who can use our contracts?

All public bodies can utilize statewide contracts developed by VITA, if provided for in the solicitation or contract.

What are the benefits of using VITA IT contracts?

There are some very obvious advantages of using the VITA IT contracts.

  • Your organization is able to get the best value for your purchases. And, as more and more organizations utilize these contracts, we are able to aggregate more and more demand. The result is we will be able to continually develop contracts with vendors that bring more value for you.
  • Not having to bid your items will save valuable time and effort. All you have to do is order from the 300 IT and telecommunication contracts that are available for you.

Is it IT or not IT?

If you have a question regarding whether your procurement is considered information technology (IT), not IT, or a combination, please contact VITA's Strategic Sourcing Manager will collaborate with the DGS Strategic Sourcing Manager on your behalf to help you make the correct determination.

External Links

  • eVA- Virginia's Total e-Procurement Solution
  • DSBSD- Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity
  • NIGP- National Institute of Governmental Purchasing
  • VAGP- Virginia Association of Governmental Purchasing


Wireless services: Virtual/distance learning program

VITA is offering new virtual/distance learning-specific wireless rate plans to VA school systems. The plans provide 4G/LTE high-speed internet access wherever it is available in the commonwealth and are “unlimited.” The wireless carriers participating are: AT&T, Sprint/T-Mobile and US Cellular. All of the distance learning rate plans include content filtering that is compliant with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

These plans contain more guaranteed high-speed data than normal government plans and were established to provide Virginia schools (primarily K-12) the ability to acquire and distribute wireless devices to students who lack adequate access to the Internet and who need to participate in virtual learning activities. Depending on the wireless carrier, school systems will save more than 50% off of the normal government rate plan. 

Learn more about the new rate plans and how to order

Procurement delegation change

Effective July 1, 2020, VITA is raising its standing procurement delegation to $250,000 for information technology goods and services. This step simplifies VITA’s governance requirements by aligning it with VITA’s requirement that all IT investments of $250,000 or more be submitted for CIO approval through the procurement governance review (PGR) process. Delegated authority for both cloud and infrastructure services remains at $0. 

View the updated Authority & Delegation policy

Disparity study now underway; webinars scheduled

Beginning in June 2020, the commonwealth will be conducting a disparity study (telephone and online surveys) to assess whether any barriers exist for minority- and woman-owned businesses that make it more difficult for them to compete for commonwealth contracts. Information from the surveys will help the commonwealth improve its efforts to increase contracting opportunities. For more information about the disparity study, please visit the Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity website

SCM policies, forms, tools, and ITPM: BUY IT manual, updated

VITA's Supply Chain Management (SCM) has updated their policies, forms, tools, and ITPM: BUY IT manual, as a result of legislation and/or Executive Orders that impact information technology procurement. Please read through these documents to be familiar with these updates by visiting the Supply Chain Policies and Forms page at: 

Online IT procurement manual, BUY IT, updated

VITA has upgraded its online information technology procurement manual, BUY IT, by providing an index to search by keywords or common terms. A separate BUY IT search form is also available for keyed entries. 


Two procurement forms updated

The IT Joint and Cooperative Procurement Approval Request form and the IT Goods and Services Sole Source Procurement Request form have been modified to highlight requirements for Cloud/SaaS based joint and cooperative procurements and sole source procurements.

SCM Tools page 

Special Terms and Conditions for IT goods and services

The Department of General Services, PIM #98-034 has moved Special Terms and Conditions, Information Technology Goods and Services to VITA Supply Chain Management effective July 1, 2017. The Special Terms and Conditions, Information Technology Goods and Services is a list of special terms and conditions for use in solicitations and contracts issued by state agencies for information technology procurements. These may be accessed under the 'Tools section'. 

Commonwealth Security and Cloud Requirements for solicitations and contracts

What Commonwealth Procurement Officers Need to Know About Commonwealth Security and Cloud Requirements for Solicitations and Contracts is a new tool that is now available for use. §2.2-2009 of the Code of Virginia mandates that the Chief Information Officer (CIO) is responsible for the development of information security policies, standards, and guidelines (PSGs) for commonwealth public bodies to comply with in all information technology procurements and projects. Commonwealth procurement officers have a need to know how to adopt compliance with these PSGs in developing solicitations and contracts. These may be accessed under the 'Tools section'.

O&M SOWs now available under the ITCL program

State agencies and public bodies of the commonwealth will be able to enter into a statement of work for operations and maintenance (O&M) support services for an IT system, associated applications, software or programs through the IT contingent labor (ITCL) contract with Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI).

To utilize the O&M SOW, customers will be required to outline the specific operations support services in a statement of requirements (SOR) to reflect the recurring work activities, expected service levels, deliverables and reporting requirements. The SOW user guide and statement of requirements template can be found under IT Contingent Labor.

New Radio Contracts

VITA has awarded 13 new two-way radio contracts that provide a wide variety of brands and accessories. For further information, please visit VITA's contract page.

Price Shopping for Cellular Services

Looking at ways to stretch your wireless budget?  Check out VITA's current comparison of all contracted carriers. The chart provides details on pay as you go plans, individual plans, pool (shared minutes), voice and data and mobile data.

Click here for the comparison chart