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What other procurement tips can VITA share?

VITA procurement recommends you ensure strong performance measures are included in your IT solicitation and contract. Performance measures are quantifiable metrics of expected service levels, and are the backbone of a successful contract. Performance measures should be tailored to provide accurate and reliable data on the supplier's performance against agreed upon service provisions. The metrics chosen should be able to correctly identify how well, and to what extent, the supplier regularly meets the expected levels of service outlined in your contract. Visit Chapter 30.3.1 Performance Measures of our IT Procurement Manual for additional guidance and examples.

Each performance measure should be tied to a corresponding enforcement provision. Strong enforcement provisions will incentivize the supplier to consistently meet the performance measures set out in the contract. Visit Chapter 30.3.2 Enforcement Provisions and Remedies of VITA’s IT Procurement Manual and the Performance Metrics Tool tool for additional guidance and examples. Also, see the performance measures training video.

Contractual remedies are a means to hold the supplier accountable in a tangible way for failing to meet required performance measures. They incentivize the supplier to consistently meet or exceed the contractually required performance measures. The remedies can be in the form of monetary penalties, or exercising contractual options such as termination or seeking neglected services from another supplier. Visit Chapter 30.3.2 Enforcement Provisions and Remedies of our IT Procurement Manual and the Performance Metrics Tool for additional guidance and examples.

VITA recommends that agencies include a project milestones and deliverables table in their solicitations and contracts. Please download the Project Milestones and Deliverables Template and follow instructions found in the word document.

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