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What do I submit for a high risk review?

How do I submit my solicitation or contract for review?

To begin the IT high-risk review process, after the procurement governance request (PGR) has been approved, have your agency’s IT resource (AITR) submit the request for review of a high-risk IT solicitation or contract through the Commonwealth’s technology portfolio management tool, Planview Enterprise 1. Please have your AITR submit all documents that make up the IT solicitation or contract package. VITA’s project management division (PMD) will receive the request and send the high-risk IT solicitation or contract document package to VITA supply chain management (SCM); security and enterprise architecture; IT investment management; and to enterprise cloud oversight service (ECOS), if applicable.

Your agency’s procurement officer will submit your high-risk IT solicitation or contract review request to the OAG. The following form should be filled out and sent, along with the high- risk IT solicitation or contract package, to your agency’s attorney in the OAG:

The procurement officer should complete the matrix called “Minimum Requirements for Major IT Procurements, High-Risk Procurements and Delegated Procurements” and provide it to their agency AITR to submit, along with the high-risk IT solicitation or contract document package, in Planview Enterprise 1. The matrix helps your agency ensure that your high-risk solicitations and contracts meet high-risk requirements and assists VITA in its review. A copy of the matrix is available on VITA’s website and can be accessed by visiting the Procurement Forms page.

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