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What do I submit for a high risk review?

How may I obtain VITA’s templates for high-risk solicitations and contracts?

Contact VITA’s procurement (supply chain management) group:, for the most current version of VITA’s solicitation and contract templates, and for assistance in determining which template is the correct one to use for your procurement. If your procurement is cloud-based, in whole or in part, please make sure to mention this so you receive the correct template. VITA updates our templates at least quarterly, and in response to changes to Virginia procurement law and policy. Therefore, it is important for agencies to request the latest version of our templates when drafting a new IT solicitation or contract. Doing so will ensure that your agency’s IT solicitations and contracts have the most up-to-date terms and conditions, and ultimately, will create a stronger agreement that is more aligned with VITA’s procurement policies, standards and guidelines, as well as Virginia state law and policy.

Contacting VITA procurement will also give your agency the opportunity to ask questions about using the templates. VITA has more than one template and will help your agency determine which is the correct one to use for any given solicitation or contract. We encourage your agency to seek consulting services from our team for assistance and training on the use of VITA templates.

If your agency is using VITA’s solicitation and contract templates, VITA recommends that you not incorporate Division of Purchasing and Supply (DPS) language into VITA templates. VITA’s solicitation and contract templates are created specifically for IT procurements and incorporating DPS language could potentially create confusion for your suppliers/vendors. As an example, a reference to the vendor’s manual in your IT solicitation could create an issue since this manual sets forth the purchasing rules and regulations for general goods and services procurements from a vendor’s perspective and is not applicable to IT procurements.

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