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Chapter 30 - High Risk IT Solicitations and Contracts

30.2 What should be Included in High Risk Solicitations and Contracts?

30.2.2 What a High Risk IT Contract Must Contain

A high risk contract must contain the following in order to be approved for award:

  • Appropriate contractual terms that comply with applicable Virginia law and policy

    • Terms cannot be duplicative or conflicting within the body of the contract

    • When using VITA's IT contract templates, it is important to remove all references to VITA and all other general language reserved for VITA's statewide contracts

    • Distinct and measurable performance metrics and clear enforcement provisions, including remedies or incentives to be used in the event that contract performance metrics or other provisions are not met.

It is important that your agency send the most current, redlined version of the high risk contract in order for VITA and the OAG to determine the appropriateness and legality of the Supplier's and Agency's redlines to the original document(s).

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