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Chapter 18 - Requests for Information, Prequalification of Suppliers, Unsolicited Proposals

18.2 Prequalification of suppliers or products

18.2.1 Prequalification procedure

Agencies may contact VITA at to inquire about current prequalified IT suppliers and products or conduct a contract search of existing statewide contracts
that may serve their IT need(s). Any custom prequalification procedure utilized by an agency shall be established in writing and posted publicly and in eVA, sufficiently in advance of its implementation, to allow potential suppliers a fair opportunity to understand and complete the prequalification process. The following prequalification procedure should be followed:

  • Prior to the issuance of an IT solicitation, the agency will post a pre-qualification notice in eVA with the prequalification form attached. The form will set forth the criteria by which qualifications will be evaluated and when and to whom the form must be returned.
  • Any prequalification notice will provide that all information voluntarily submitted that is labeled as trade secret or proprietary information by the supplier shall be considered a trade secret or proprietary information for the purposes of the prequalification.
  • A prequalification notice may include a nondisclosure agreement, request for supplier's financial data and intent to bid/propose form which clarifies the supplier's point of contact information.
  • At least thirty (30) days before the date established for submission of the bids or proposals under the prequalification solicitation, the agency shall advise those potential suppliers that submitted a prequalification application whether that supplier has been prequalified for that procurement. The agency will be the sole judge of when prequalification of IT suppliers, products or services is desired or required.

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