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Chapter 14 - Selecting the IT Procurement Method

14.2 Non-competitive procurement methods

There are circumstances where competitive procurements are not practical, when only one supplier is available or when an emergency procurement exists. An overview of when to use non-competitive procurement methods is outlined below.


When to use 

Where to learn more 

Sole source procurements 

  • There is only one solution practicably available 
  • Product or service is only practicably available from a single supplier 
  • Total value of the IT procurement exceeds $10,000 

Chapter 16 

Emergency procurements 

  • There is a serious or urgent situation requiring immediate action to protect persons or property. 
  • Utilize competition to the extent practicable 

Chapter 17 

Joint and Cooperative procurements (including GSA) 

  • Can provide expedited acquisition 
  • Other public body’s contract must have been jointly and cooperatively procured and allow for purchase by other public bodies 
  • Contract was solicited “on behalf of other public bodies” 
  • Item is not available on an existing statewide contract or available through a DSBSD-certified small business 
  • Supplier must agree to all of VITA’s standard terms and conditions 
  • Requires CIO approval 

Chapter 20 

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