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Chapter 14 - Selecting the IT Procurement Method

14.0 Introduction

Virginia Information Technologies Agency’s (VITA) Authority and Delegation policy can be found at this URL: The policy states: “Use of VITA’s statewide contract is mandatory for the acquisition of all IT goods and services. If there is not a VITA statewide contract available for the needed IT good or service, a competitive procurement will be conducted. To browse VITA’s statewide contracts, see: 

If an agency determines after searching available statewide contracts that none exist to service its current need, a method must be determined as to how best to procure the desired information technology (IT) acquisition. Procurements that are equal to or exceed $250,000 will either be delegated to the agency or VITA will conduct the procurement on behalf of the agency for statewide use. It is in the best interest of the Commonwealth to maximize supplier competition to the greatest extent possible when making any IT acquisition; however, other methods are available and can be applied as circumstances dictate. 

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