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Chapter 13 - The IT Procurement Project Team

13.0 Introduction

Utilizing a procurement project team (PPT) throughout the IT procurement process is an identified IT procurement best practice. Use of a PPT will help ensure:

  • Project needs are addressed in a timely manner.
  • Requisite project disciplines are represented.
  • Resources, roles and responsibilities are available, clearly identified and assigned up- front.
  • The cumulative benefits of each team member's experience are maximized.
  • A level playing field is maintained for all contending suppliers.
  • Accountability and responsibility of the team members.
  • Efficient use of everyone's time.

PPTs need the same widespread and diverse variety of skill sets as any other team. It is often a challenge to identify those persons with the right types of skill and experience when building the team. Selecting valuable members is particularly important when working with cross-functional teams. The procurement lead/sourcing specialist will work with the project's business owner to facilitate the development of this team, assign roles and responsibilities, and lead the team through the procurement process. Usually the PPT is also the evaluation team; however, there may be instances where the composition of these teams will differ.

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