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COV ITRM Glossary

Branch Office Box (BOB)


A server appliance that is optimized to provide distributed office support for simple utility functions that are required locally but difficult to provide over a WAN. BOB deployment is an alternative to having more complex servers and support provided locally for all needed utility applications such as email, printing, and file serving/caching, DNS, DHCP, HTML/XML, and encryption/decryption (e.g., HTTPS). When WAN connections are unreliable, a BOB may be used as part of a local business continuation solution. When WAN connections are reliable, a BOB may not be a cost-effective alternative to using protocol wrapping solutions (e.g., MPLS) to address WAN latency. BOBs are usually optimized for the type of protocol traffic the business uses most in communicating with its central office or data center and the type of persistent service needed locally in the event of a WAN disruption.

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