The Community College Workforce Alliance (CCWA), the workforce development partnership between John Tyler Community College and J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College, is responsible for registration, maintenance and administration of the Core Process, Facilitating Process and Practice Test.

The tests are provided over the Internet using a secure online testing process in place at the Virginia Community College System (VCCS). The tester is required to read and agree to an honor code and take the tests while at his/her workplace.

The Testing Process: Level One Exam, Level Two Exam

  1. Candidate registers for test through the CCWA Office (please allow 5 business days to complete registration process).

  2. Candidate will receive an email confirmation notice consisting of the test link, username, and password.

  3. Candidate will login and take the respective exam.*

  4. VITA will receive all scores and post PM qualification records.

  5. Tester will print their certificate upon completion.

* NOTE: Tester will have 60 days to complete the exam after receiving login instructions.

Test Results

Once the test is completed, the score is immediately available to the tester. Test scores will be provided for each topic area. These results are compiled into a report that is sent to the Project Management Division of VITA. The results are also saved in a database maintained by the VCCS.

Test Retakes

Project management candidates may register to retake all or specific modules of the assessment tests. The retake process will be identical to the process outlined above.


Registration for testing may be accomplished in several ways.

Visit the CCWA registration page for general instructions on how to register. The site allows for participants to create a "Student Profile." The participants may also register for Exam 1 if paying. If submitting the billing letter, please complete the student profile and send CCWA the billing letter (address below). CCWA will then register participants for the exam. Participants will need to call CCWA to register for retests and Exam 2.

How To Register

If your method of payment is by billing authorization, prepare a billing letter.

After completing the billing authorization form, please mail to:

CCWA Registration Office
Workforce Development and Conference Center
1651 East Parham Road
Richmond, VA 23228


Fax the form to: 804-371-3414


Email the form to:


The method of payment (billing letter, purchase order, or credit card number) must be indicated on the form. If you have questions call the registration office (804-523-2292).

Test: $150/student

Test retake: $90/student