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Introducing COV Grade: a product family of IT products, services and solutions

Date Posted: Tuesday, May 7, 2024

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At VITA, our goal is to deliver industry-leading products and IT services to the Commonwealth and to provide new opportunities and innovative solutions to executive branch agencies and technology partners across the state. In the spirit of innovation and modernization, many of the IT products, services and solutions our customers have come to trust and rely on are being enhanced and rebranded into a product family known as COV Grade. 

COV Grade starts with commercial grade products, applies enterprise scale, adds the ease of integrated ordering, hardens to Commonwealth security standards and simplifies billing with comprehensive invoices.   

COV Grade products include COV Apps, COV Cloud, COV Contracts, COV Cyber, COV Identity and COV Ramp.  

COV Grade’s select offerings are designed for public entities, such as executive branch agencies, to support their goal of better serving citizens of the Commonwealth. 

You can learn more about this new customer experience and each product by visiting the new COV Grade webpage: 

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