TEBS Update Sept. 14, 2017

The new TEBS application has been live for about two months. Provided below is an update on the current status and information that may be helpful.

Ordering backlog

  • The TEBS ordering staff continues to experience a significant backlog.

  • The turnaround time from receipt of your request to issuance of the order to the vendor is approximately 10 days.

  • This delay is attributable to the steep learning curve with the use of a new system as well as some system issues. Please be assured we are working diligently on both issues to reduce the backlog.

A message titled “Tips on how to check status of orders in TEBS” was distributed in August and should provide helpful guidance. We are currently working on additional documentation to assist you in checking the status of orders. The information will be posted to the TEBS website soon.

What can you do to make it faster?

  • Only expedite orders when it is truly needed. At this time, we are asking for a business case to accompany any expedite request. Please include the business case in the notes of the Simple Work Order as opposed to submitting them on a separate email.

  • Utilize the tips that were sent via VITACOMMS on how to find the status of your orders. If, after checking the notes contained within your order and the progress of tasks, you have questions or need additional information, please send an email to TCS@vita.virginia.gov. Using the central mailbox will assure a more rapid response rather than submitting questions to individual order writers.

  • Urgent order, please contact Linda Brown, TCS – Telecommunications Customer Services Ordering Lead, directly at 804-416-5581 or linda.brown@itp.vita.virginia.gov. Urgent orders for UcaaS, CHVS, and VITANet Contract Service and VoIP services should be directed to Pam Seay, LVS – Legacy Voice Services Ordering Lead at 804-416-7955 or pam.seay@itp.vita.virginia.gov.

  • If you need to escalate an issue, please escalate through your customer account manager (CAM) who will assist in triage of the escalation.



We successfully produced the July telecommunications invoice to customers on Aug. 17. While there were a couple of hiccups in the production of this invoice, we consider this a significant milestone. Several of you have asked for additional bill details; we are working with the vendor to fulfill this request, and intend to be able to provide this information in the near future.



If you are having difficulty accessing TEBS, follow these steps:

If a user does not have access to TEBS, send the access request to TEBSMail@vita.virginia.gov. Please use the “Contact Us” section at the bottom of this page for a list of email accounts designed to handle certain and specific questions and requests. Do NOT send questions or requests to the VITACOMMS mailbox.

Please check the recently updated FAQs on the website. If an older version of the FAQs appears, you may need to hit Shift-F5 to get a new copy from the server, or get a new version in the Temporary Internet Files folder (Internet Explorer users).

The implementation of TEBS has been a significant work effort! Thank you for your patience!


Updated TEBS Information

The following documents are changes and updates for telecommunications coordinators, effective with the launch of TEBS. The documents provide updated terms and Simple Work Order information.

TEBS Vocabulary

Simple Work Order - For User



TEBS Training

The following training courses are designed to get users familiar with the TEBS layout and functions. Each course consists of a video and a hands-on walk-through, and should take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Customer Invoice

TEBS navigation

TEBS reporting

Simple work order


Survey Results

In April, many of VITA's telecommunications services customers participated in the customer survey regarding their organization's satisfaction with the delivery of services. The survey results are available here.


Future State Processes

VITA process owners with Telesoft have identified the future state of the major telecommunications services offered. The future state workflow diagrams for the OrderingRebilling and Reconciliation processes will clarify how the business processes will work once TEBS is implemented.


Telco Services

Telecommunications services provided by VITA to its 800 customers within the Commonwealth of Virginia include:

  • Sourcing (procurement and management of state-wide telecommunications contracts)

  • Ordering and provisioning (service catalog management)

  • Asset inventory and asset management

  • Usage management (validation and optimization)

  • Vendor invoice management (carrier invoice receipt and reconciliation, VITA-carrier dispute resolution, accounts payable and VITA cost allocations)

  • Customer support

  • Consolidated rebilling to customers (accounts receivable, customer billing and customer- VITA dispute resolution)

  • Reporting

VITA, in its role as a reseller of wire-line and wireless services, provides customer value through:

  • A wide array of services and products

  • Negotiating statewide contracts resulting in the lowest possible rates and eliminating the need for time-consuming procurement activities

  • Vendor management regarding customer order fulfillment

  • Reconciliation and correction of carrier charges on the customer's behalf

  • A consolidated telecommunications invoice for charges from all carriers


Project Benefits

The goal of the TEBS project is to replace legacy systems and retain current functionality while providing the following additional benefits:

  • Improved customer ordering – Better online product/service information, system prompts and "help," online order status checking

  • Integrated dispute processing – Simplifies the dispute resolution process

  • Less paper handling – Reduces and/or eliminates paper invoices

  • Easier access to bill detail – Allows online access to monthly telephone bills with full drill-down capability to the lowest level of call detail

  • Increased support of customer cost allocation and asset management – Customers can access/download extracts of their data

  • Enhanced reporting – Enables customer "self-service" capabilities



Standard Reports: Telesoft v.10 (video)

Customized Reports: Telesoft v.10 (video)


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