About VITA

VITA's Mission

To provide information technology and services that enable government to serve the citizens of the commonwealth.

VITA's Vision

 To be Virginia's "go to" government information technology partner.

The Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) is the commonwealth's consolidated information technology organization. VITA's responsibilities fall into four primary categories:

  • Governance of the commonwealth's information security programs in support of the responsibilities of the Chief Information Officer of the Commonwealth;
  • Operation of the IT infrastructure, including all related personnel, for the executive branch agencies declared by the legislature to be "in-scope" to VITA;
  • Governance of IT investments in support of the duties and responsibilities of the Information Technology Advisory Council and the Chief Information Officer of the Commonwealth;
  • Procurement of technology for VITA and on behalf of other state agencies and institutions of higher education.

VITA is a unique organization, pioneering a 21st century model for information technology governance and operational excellence. The creation of VITA represents the most comprehensive reform of state government information technology in the nation and firmly establishes Virginia as a leader in the use of technology in government. VITA's vision to be Virginia's preferred government IT partner encompasses the following core goals:

  • Create value; Provide enterprise IT services supporting the business of state government at the best return on investment for our customers, stakeholders and Virginia's taxpayers.
  • Improve the commonwealth's competitive position in the national and world marketplace; Harness opportunities to utilize technology to improve the availability, quality and responsiveness of state services-seamless, friendly, anywhere, anytime; for our citizens and customers.
  • Create accountability for how public funds are spent on technology for VITA as well as for the entire executive branch.
  • Grow our employees; Embed opportunities for professional growth and development into the agency's organization and operations. Recognize and reward accomplishments.
  • Serve as the model for transforming state government; Pursue streamlined business processes and innovative partnerships that revolutionize service delivery at significantly lower costs.

VITA provides outstanding service and technology solutions to support customers and address their business needs. Our services can be thought of as the information technology utility that supports specific agency requirements as they endeavor to deliver citizen services. While the agency works directly with the citizen, VITA works with the agency as a 'behind-the-scenes' service provider.

We have a clear mission and vision of what we are building for our customers, our employees and the citizens of the Commonwealth. Please review the information about VITA to learn about our organization, services and direction.

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