VITA Services Overview

VITA Services Overview

All rates have been approved by the VITA is the designated provider of information technology (IT) services for Executive Branch agencies within the Commonwealth of Virginia. VITA also makes its services available to other state agencies and public bodies inclusive of local government entities and higher education. Please note: All rates have been approved by the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission (JLARC).

Contract Spotlight

Contract Spotlight gives you details on statewide contracts available for your use.

VITA Service Offerings Fact Sheets

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Transitional Service Offerings

IT Service Catalog Note: During our transition some services can be found here in the Services area and some services can be found in the IT Service Catalog. The Catalog has information on conferencing, PCs, server services and more. If you can't find what you're looking for here, please try the IT Service Catalog.

Our offerings include computing and telecommunication services targeted to enable government to better serve Virginia's citizens. In an effort to simplify our service offerings we have grouped them into 'custom infrastructure services' and 'bundled infrastructure services'. The 'custom' services are inclusive of the individual computing services required to process customer applications. The 'bundled' services are inclusive of hardware, software, maintenance and support.

In most cases, the rates posted on VITA's website for Executive Branch agencies are the same as they would be for non-executive branch agencies. Custom processing may be charged at different rates.

Custom Infrastructure Services

Bundled Infrastructure Services



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