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Service Talks


In an effort to give our customers an opportunity to expand upon the discussions that were started at the services fair, VITA is offering service talks. These service talks will either be one on one or in open group settings and will provide agencies the opportunity to ask more-detailed questions about the services and how they can be applied to their organizations. Service talks are provided in two formats:

  • Service Talks - Group sessions - For topics that impact all agencies -- cloud services, messaging, voice and data - we can accomodate large group sessions (up to 500). 
  • Service Talks - 1:1 sessions - One on one (agency and supplier) service talks -- AIS, Box and ePen.  

Our vision in creating these additional sessions is to give our customers the valued time they enjoyed during an onsite and in-person services fair. While we know it isn’t exactly the same, we are trying to best accommodate the virtual meeting space. 

If you would like to schedule a a service talk for your agency or group, please email us, and request a topic, date and time.

We look forward to continuing this conversation and partnership for a better future of IT services.