VMware Service Manager (VSM)

IT support for Commonwealth of Virginia state agencies that are in-scope to the VITA IT Infrastructure Partnership is provided through the VITA Customer Care Center (VCCC) Service Desk. The Service Desk is responsible for end-to-end ownership (e.g., logging, tracking, resolution and reporting) of records related to service and support. Incidents and Service Requests are resolved by Service Desk staff or escalated to specialized entities for resolution, such as On-Site Support, Enterprise Engineering and Technical Support Services. These groups manage all Incidents and Service Requests, as well as Change, Problem, Asset and Configuration records, using an IT Service Management (ITSM) System.

VMware Service Manager (VSM) is the IT Service Management system used for recording Service Requests, Incidents, Problem/Known Error and Change Management records, integrated with Asset and Configuration Management data.

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  • What does Log Date mean?

    Answer: Date and time the ticket was created

  • What is the attachment size limit?

    Answer: Attachments will be limited to 5MB in size

  • How are ticket open notifications handled in the system?

    Answer: The group the ticket is forwarded to will receive an email

  • Will auto routing/assignment work the same as ServiceCenter?

    Answer: Yes, auto-assignment will work the same in VSM

  • How can I find tickets owned by a specified officer?

    Answer: In your calls outstanding, change the officer name field

  • How can I find tickets owned by a group I don't belong too?

    Answer: Perform a call search and enter the name of the group you want to view in current group.

  • How do I find tickets for all of my groups?

    Answer: Perform a call search and enter the beginning letters for the group followed by a % and click on the search button

  • If I set a remind time when I defer a call, will I receive an email reminder at the time selected?

    Answer: Yes

  • What browser is required for VSM?

    Answer: Internet Explorer is required for logging and working calls. The customer portal is browser neutral.

  • When a ticket is assigned to my group, can I assign it to someone in my group without ever taking ownership of it?

    Answer: No, the ticket will show the dispatcher's name as the current officer until it is picked up by the assignee.

  • What is the session timeout?

    Answer: VSM will timeout after 30 minutes of inactivity.  Please defer all tickets on your screen before leaving your machine for an extended period of time